Ground Mounted Solar Panels

What are they?

Ground mounted solar panels are simply solar panels that attach to a frame that sits on the ground, rather than on a rooftop. Ground mounts are the ultimate solar solution for those lacking appropriate roof space, but there are several reasons why you would choose ground mounted solar panels over roof mounted. First and foremost is the versatility. Ground mounted solar panels can go virtually anywhere, face any direction, and can even track the sun on multiple axis. Whereas your system size, direction and tilt angle are largely pre-determined with roof mounts which could potentially mean half the performance and return on investment.

Ground mounted solar panels also have advantages when it comes to maintenance and longevity. It is much simpler to maintain a system mounted to the ground. Further, it may well outlast the roof itself. With such varied weather conditions, Victoria is well placed to reap the benefits of a solar system that is easier to clean, maintain and has the ideal orientation and pitch. Committed Solar Solutions understands this better than anyone and has had great success in producing the very best performed and most reliable ground mounted systems in Victoria.

How Big Should my Ground Mounted Solar System Be?

A ground mounted solar systems’ size is only limited by your available land size. Which means you can potentially go a lot further than just reducing your electricity bill. With the addition of a battery backup, you now have the ability to create your own solar farm. With payback normally in the vicinity of 6-7 years and expected lifespans of 25+ years, it’s easy to see why investing in your own solar farm can have a multitude of benefits. Who wouldn’t want 18+ years of free electricity? Get in touch with Committed Solar Solutions to learn if a ground mounted solar system is right for your business.