Commercial Solar Inverters

When it comes to commercial solar inverters, making the right choice is crucial to maximizing your return on investment. The inverter is arguably the most important component as it is effectively the brains of the solar system. Again, CEC accreditation is a minimum standard that we would recommend for inverters. Another factor is price. Although an expensive inverter does not guarantee good quality, a cheap inverter will more than likely assure the opposite. Further, there are technical complexities like start-up range and roof shading that may mean you require a higher spec inverter. This is especially so in Victoria, with our ‘Four Seasons in One Day’ weather patterns. As with panel requirements, a good solar company will be able to let you know this.

Solar Inverter Brands that we Use and Why:


Proudly Austrian, Fronius are known for their reliability, excellent warranties and ‘replace first, diagnose problem second’ approach. They also have their own ‘Daisy-chaining’ technology which allows for easy expansion with minimal extra cabling.


Another European giant in the solar game, SMA offer outstanding performance, scalability and their own Smart Connected technology which allows for easy remote monitoring of their systems.

Solar Edge

Israel’s’ number one inverter is a genuine market leader with its optimization technology. This allows panels to operate independently, resulting in better overall output and substantial loss reductions if some of the panels are under performing due to factors like shading.


With a huge backing and several million spent on R&D, Huawei have produced an ultra-reliable inverter that matches it with the best from Europe. It comes with a solid 10 year warranty and due to its lower start up range the Huawei gets going earlier than most other commercial solar inverters. This allows a slight edge in production output over some of its main competitors.


Known for their small to medium inverters, Goodwe produce quality inverters at a very competitive price point. They also come with a generous 10 year warranty.

If you’re in the market for commercial solar inverters, get in touch with Committed Solar Solutions to see what fits best for you.